Abraham Lincoln High School


Semester Internships

Service Learning . Community Service Hours . Career Development

The semester-long internship program at Lincoln High School is an introduction to food and community justice while promoting youth leadership and community health. During our 10-week program, we will develop our skills as advocates of our community using food as the focused topic for our learning. We will learn about our food system, practice team-building exercises (cooking, gardening, story telling, etc.), develop leadership and organizing skills, and implement a final group project. At the end of the internship, you will receive a certificate for your work and satisfy your service-learning requirement for high school graduation. Once you graduate from the Roots for Peace program, you are able to become a team leader in the next semester.

LHSPicThe School Garden

In 2013, the Lincoln High School garden was built with support from Lincoln High School students, teachers, and staff members, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and American Friends Service Committee. The garden has served as a service-learning hub for students from 9-12th grade and connector for community members and organizations throughout Lincoln Heights. We are excited to have it continue to serve youth from Lincoln High School and Environmental and Social Policy Charter School.

Want to get involved in the Garden? Please contact Eli at 818.383.6434 for more information.

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