The Blessings of Gardening

Hey 🙂 My name is Tatiana but I go by Tati. I’m a student attending Central High School in the Mar Vista Gardens. In my everyday life, gardening wasn’t really something that interested me. When I actually began to garden at school and with AFSC, I became way more fond of it. We grow so many plants to beautify our garden, and our pond and waterfall just adds to the beauty and peacefulness. We’ve been planning over the weeks to convert the frame of our pond and transforming it into a tile mosaic.

We plant according to the season. We usually plant in our raised beds things we can harvest like lettuce, celery, jalapenos, broccoli and even herbs like cilantro and oregano. Not too long ago did we just that, harvest everything we had in our garden and cooked it in class.  We ended up making a bison stir fry, everything except the meat came out of our garden.

The benefits I get through gardening is a much better eating habit. I have been eating much more organic food and it hasn’t been coming out my pocket daily – its been coming out the garden. My classmates and I also benefit from the garden in other ways. We have gained a greater appreciation for teamwork,we have better communication skills, and most of all we have gained much more respect for each other. When someone needs help, we will stop what were doing and lend a hand it helps the process move on smoother. Gardening has built relaxation in my system and has built bonds with my classmates. I can’t think of anything better to do.

Written: 5th April 2013

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