Meet the New Interns!

This creative analytic, Amber Buchanan, finds great joy in the simple details involved in inspiring the great diversity in our world. Growing up in the unknown desert of Washington State, simplicity defined me, but interesting enticed me. As a student at Azusa Pacific University pursuing my bachelors in Global Studies, I am intrigued with experiencing different cultures. My recent experiences include living and working in Kona, Hawaii and immediately after moving to live this last summer in Naknak, Alaska working at a fishery. No culture is too obscure for my desire of understanding the world. I plan to cultivate diverse routes of thinking in a desire to write about my findings and share these new perspectives with those who do not have the chance to experience it themselves. In this endeavor, I plan to raise awareness of our differences by extinguishing the fire of hate and igniting a new love for humanity. I long to interpret diversity through the gathering of stories. What better route than growing food and health awareness together. Gardening and dirt brings me back to my roots and I am excited to see where AFSC’s story and my story can grow¬†together!
Written: 24th September 2013

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