Meet the Intern for Spring 2014!

       Hello I am Alicia Davalos, the latest Los Angeles AFSC intern for Spring 2014! I am currently a sophomore at Azusa Pacific University, studying Global Studies with a minor in TESOL. Everything that has to do with humans and their culture energizes me. I love learning about people, their cultures, their backgrounds, and their religions. People are so beautiful in their own unique way and I think that is the reason I want to work with people for a living. I desire to be able to comfort people in any possible way and support them especially in their times of need. As a career I hope to do this by working for a non-profit organization and teaching English as a secondary language to students.
       I love the mission that AFSC is driven to succeed and I am so glad I get to be apart of it. My heart has always focused on social justice issues like human trafficking, and homelessness; but AFSC has opened my eyes to issues like food injustice; something I would have never acknowledged if it weren’t for this internship. Being able to work with students and help teach them how to become aware of these issues and how to garden so they can make their own healthy foods will be a wonderful experience. I love being able to see students become motivated and come together in one community to garden or participate in a variety of activities. I am eager to continue to learn about food justice issues and how we, the community, can be the change we want to see.
Written: 18th February 2014

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