Gardens in the Projects

My name is Elmo, Hambrecht Family Intern for AFSC in Los Angeles; and for the last three months I have been moving forward an idea that started with a vision, a classroom and a struggle. While attending Central HS in the Mar Vista Gardens Housing Projects, I built a school garden with my fellow classmates.  We called it “The Heart of the World.” That vision expanded into seeing every residential unit in the Mar Vista Housing Projects having a garden plot too.
We have begun our process by creating a relationship with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles  to allow us to grow our vegetables; one step closer to self sustainability.

Three weeks ago we had our first Gardening Workshop, with a turnout of twelve residents and help from Milagro Allegro, Master Gardener. It was exciting to have residents take the gardening workshop and show an interest in having their own gardens. We will hold our next meeting soon. Residents and those who participated will be updated on our process.

As we continue to work toward the vision we once talked about in class and hoped to see in our community – we must wait patiently, but we will not stop. The students at Central have begun their seedlings for this season and the next. Preparation is steadiness and steadiness is readiness.

Written: 28 February 2013

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