Update: Peace Garden at All Peoples

The Peace Garden at All Peoples in South Central.

Today was a sunny and beautiful day at All Peoples in South Central! AFSC staff Anthony Marsh, Los Angeles Program Director and Eisha Mason, AFSC Pacific Southwest Regional Director, joined the class taught weekly by Crystal Gonzalez, AFSC-LA’s Peace Education Coordinator. Today’s class was spent on discussing a research project in the works by the students to survey the surrounding community’s access to healthy and nutritious food. Students expressed their thoughts on the project with one another and joined together in the end for an insightful discussion on the purpose and challenges of the research project.  Following the discussion in class it was time to work in the Peace Garden!

Shirley and Allison hard at work fertilizing the garden.

All Peoples is a continuation school located in South Central, Los Angeles. A majority of their students come from areas outside of the surrounding neighborhood, like Compton and Inglewood, and commute for hours everyday on public transportation to reach the school. Jamal from Compton stated that he wakes up at 4 a.m. every morning in order to make the commute to school on the bus which can take up to 2 hours one-way.

Joanna, Sharnica, and Shirley at All Peoples Christian Center in South Central.

Students have really taken ownership of the Peace Garden at All Peoples. Today students picked fresh vegetables, rosemary, and green onions all ready to eat from the garden. “Before the Peace Garden I did not know anything about about healthy eating,” stated Sharnica, a student at All Peoples. Another student Joanna remarked, “The experience of working in the Peace Garden is incredible. Other people need to come and join!”
Check out more pictures from today on Flickr.
To learn more about the Friends Peace Garden, visit our Peace Gardens page or download the fact sheet.
Written: 2nd February 2012

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