Live, Learn and Cook!

Students from Central High School at Mar Vista made a special visit to its partner the Cafe Livre restaurant and culinary school in Culver City today.  There the students learned about the behind-the-scenes work involved in owning, operating and managing a restaurant.  The restaurant, which opened in November, is co-founded by French Algerian Chef Farid Zadi.  Born in Lyon, France, Chef Zadi who is also the dean of the culinary arts at Ecole de Cuisine in Los Angeles and writes for the Test Kitchen column for the LA Weekly instructed students in the making of French omelettes!  “Young people should learn how to cook for themselves rather going to fast food restaurants,” say Chef Zadi.  “Food brings people together.”

The students who are also growing a variety of herbs and vegetables as a part of the partnership shared their excitement.  “I can’t believe I made my own dish!  Incredible,” said Tati Quintanilla.  In addition to cooking, the students assumed the responsibility for cleaning and dishwashing too; and learned about the wide variety of positions in a restaurant from the line cook to house manager.  “Young people should learn more about the restaurant industry.  There’s a lot to do in managing a restaurant,” says Steve Kim, Cafe Livre Front House manager.

Written: 19th January 2012

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