“If I Had a Trillion Dollars” Video Production

…and counting has been spent by the United States on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The students of AFSC Los Angeles’ Help Increase the Peace (HIP) class at the Academic Leadership Community at Miguel Contreras have been hard at work to produce a film for AFSC’s If I Had a Trillion Dollars video contest which addresses alternative ways
Students were surprised to learn that that 60% of the the 2012 Federal Discretionary Budget will be spent on the military. The students were introduced furthermore to the emotional, political, and social costs of war through watching the film The Ground Truth. The film explores the recruitment, training, battle and re-integration experiences of young men and women of service in the war in Iraq.

Students Hanna and Maricruz hard at work on signs to be featured in the video.

The students channeled their knowledge of the costs of war into the production of a video for AFSC’s “If I Had a Trillion Dollars” video contest. The aim of the video is to raise awareness of what government prioritizes to spend in the Federal Discretionary Budget.

Christian on set of the video’s opening scene.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE! CLICK TO YOUTUBE. (Filmed by Azusa Pacific University College Intern Briana Tumangkeng with students from the Academic Leadership Community.) Learn more about AFSC’s annual If I Had a Trillion Dollars video contest here.

Written: 23rd March 2012

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