Handling Reptiles at Mar Vista

Tanya from Eco Station

Tanya Silva from Eco Station in Culver City donates a rescued turtle to the pond at Central HS. Thanks Tanya!

Today at Mar Vista our friend Tanya from Star Ecostation joined us to teach us a little about plant anatomy. We looked at plant diagrams and then dissected marigolds. After we talked about plants, Tanya taught us a little about turtles and brought us a new turtle for our garden pond! We named the turtle Lucky Squirt and introduced her to her new home. And as a treat, Tanya also brought along a ball python from the Ecostation for us to look at and (for some of the braver students) hold!

Written: 11th October 2011

Youth Mentoring Children

A child at AFSC's Friends Peace  Garden in South LA looks at  a giant sunflower in  amazement.

A child at AFSC’s Friends Peace Garden in South LA looks at a giant sunflower in amazement.

AFSC is working with several students from Central High School in South Los Angeles in training them to mentor elementary school age children.   In an effort to build stronger relationships with our community partner, the All Peoples Community Center, 3 to 4 high school youth throughout the school year and summer shows kids from the center’s day care program about growing their own food, building and caring for a garden, and healthy eating.  AFSC staff is assisted by the school and community center’s staff. 

Written: 1st October 2011

International Day of Peace

On International Day of Peace AFSC joined youth at East Los Angeles’ Lincoln High School. All-day activities commemorated those lives and families affected by violence in local communities. Students passed out handouts for other students to pledge to be nonviolent and over 200 students signed the pledge. Students also sold peace cupcakes to raise money and awareness.6169971983_f7a6b7088c_b

Click Here to see a slideshow of the day.

Written: 21st September 2011

Youth Art Exhibit: “My Voice”

Student art piece: "We Can't Bomb the World Into Peace"

Student art piece: “We Can’t Bomb the World Into Peace”

On September 8, over 20 high school students from CALS Early College High School in Downtown Los Angeles hosted their art exhibit and raised awareness of the cost of war before the 9/11 weekend.  Over 500 visitors viewed the exhibit in one night, Thursday, Sept. 8, during Downtown ArtWalk night.

Student used the evening as a special occasion to raise money for much needed art supplies for next year’s Peace Exhibit at AFSC’s Friends Gallery.  $60 was raised, and the students were proud of it! The exhibit will have an extended opening through November.
View the Flickr slideshow of the art exhibit here.

Written: 11th September 2011

Community Building

Carlos Gomez delivers seedlings to  residents in the Mar Vista Gardens Housing projects.

Carlos Gomez delivers seedlings to
residents in the Mar Vista Gardens Housing projects.

Youth through our AFSC internship training grew seedlings to distribute throughout the Mar Vista housing project in Culver City and encouraged residents to use their own skills and resources to grow their own food and beautify their community.  The seedling project was accompanied with a brief presentation on how to grow your own food, reasons why, and tips on healthy eating and improving access to affordable healthy foods.  The interns also hosted a community open house for families to learn about urban gardening on site. 

Written: 19th August 2011

High School Peace Garden in East LA

Lincoln HS GardenWith assistance from AFSC staff, 30 students from Lincoln High School in East Los Angeles successfully designed and built another of three AFSC Friends Peace Gardens.  The students put in over 25 hours of labor and time over a four month period to complete the project.  Over 10 students from the high school volunteered to be a part of the Friends Summer Garden club.  The club, like the civic engagement project, helps students continue to develop their leadership potential skills.  In a May feedback survey, Daniel Alamo, faculty sponsor, wrote that: “AFSC has played a crucial role in empowering my students.  My students have been given the opportunity to not only envision change, but also to be part of the process.

Written: 19th May 2011

A Night of Theatre

Our Help Increase the Peace class was invited to attend a free screening of Romeo and Juliet set in Los Angeles following the 1992 LA riots. After sharing some pizza in the lobby area, and meeting artists who engaged in work relevant to the Westlake Area, we sat together to watch how violence and peace unraveled in this Shakespearean drama.  We left with a sense that peace is possible-even in LA.

Written: 9th April 2011

Story Corps-Every Voice

In  collaboration with Story Corps we invited migrant youth we work with to share their stories.  Every participant invited someone they care about to interview them.  This is part of an exciting YPB&J national task force effort to highlight the diversity of migrant youth experiences in the U.S.  We will soon be using audio clips of these recordings to share with you in a digital story telling format.  Stay tuned!

Written: 8th April 2011

scaled great futures banner at alcWe helped organize the first annual Great Futures Fair at Miguel Contreras Learning Complex.  In collaboration with Michelle Cohen from CAM’s, and the college counselor at Miguel Contreras, we hosted over 35 career, community org, and college representatives.  Students engaged in classroom presentations as well as one on one conversations in a more traditional table area.  Students signed up for volunteer opportunities, apprenticeships, and a few jobs.  Furthermore, students recieved information on the myths and realities of military recruitment. This was an important step towards career alternatives in the westlake area.

Written: 30th March 2011

Student Garden Exchange

Student ExchangeFor 9 months students at All Peoples and students at Mar Vista have  heard about each other’s gardens.   They’ve asked “How do they do their thang?”  They finally found out.  All Peoples Students visited Mar Vista where they took a tour of the garden, saw Mar Vista’s new aquaponics system (very cool!), and shared their successes, failures, and future plans for the garden.  At the end of the exchange Mar Vista gave their South LA visitors a very cool gift: some vegetable seedlings.  This may just be the beginning of a productive long term collaboration…


MarVista’s Welcome Gift to All Peoples

Written: 17th March 2011